2020-10-15 Announcement
Cheese Bank Lending Protocol 2.0 version officially launched
Dear users:
The version 2.0 of Cheese Bank lending protocol will be launched online at 04:00 PM(GMT) on October 15, 2020. During the launching period, all services will be temporary suspended. Please wait patiently.
The updates of the lending protocol version 2.0 of cheese bank are as follows:
1. Launch the lending service;
2. Launch the liquidity pool (LP) token as collateral mechanism;
3. Launch the second stage of yield-farming;
View more information, please click here
Thank you for your great support during the initial stage of yield-farming and look forward to cooperating with you to a more exciting DeFi world.
Cheese Bank 2020.10.15
Cheese Bank借贷协议2.0版本即将于北京时间2020年10月16日00:00分进行上线发布,版本发布期间所有服务将暂停运行,请耐心等待。
Cheese Bank借贷协议2.0版本上线更新内容如下:
2.上线流动性凭证(LP Tokens)可抵押借贷功能;
了解详细信息,请点击 此处
感谢您在第一阶段“创世挖矿”期间对Cheese Bank的大力支持,期待与您继续同行,走向更精彩的DeFi世界。
Cheese Bank 2020年10月15日
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